September 14, 2022

An unstable, flake-like network in the making

Dresden research team finds that the cell cortex, a fine network of filaments below the cell membrane, is activated in a controlled way by thousands of short-lived protein condensates.

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July 5, 2022

3, 2, 1 Science: enthusiastic about science at the Dresden Science Night 2022!

This year, the Dresden Science Night welcomes everyone in person and on site again. Visit us at our three PoL stations and enjoy the science!

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© Anna-Maria Hantschke

May 10, 2022

PoL and six other DFG-coordinated programs at BeWISE conference WOMEN IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING

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May 9, 2022

DFG Grant for collaborative research project on epithelial folding

The Fischer-Friedrich Lab and the Dahmann Lab of TU Dresden receive DFG funding to investigate the role of the basement membrane in the morphogenesis of animals.

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© Kirsty Wan

May 5, 2022

New Guest Researcher at B CUBE and PoL: Dr. Kirsty Wan

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April 28, 2022

Why does the axolotl age so slowly?

DFG funds interdiscipli­nary project to explore the role of regeneration in aging.

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March 31, 2022

New Master's program Physics of Life: Application period opens 1st April

The newly designed international Master of Science Physics of Life was jointly developed by the like-named Cluster of Excellence Physics of Life (PoL) and the Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMCB) at TU Dresden and will start for the first time in fall 2022. Beginning 1st April 2022, students with backgrounds in physics, applied mathematics, quantitative biology, or closely related fields are invited to apply for the degree program for the winter term 2022/2023.

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© Klaus Fabel

March 30, 2022

4th Dresden DZG Symposium: Jointly against common diseases!

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© Hagen Gebauer (TUD)

RA4Schießel Group

March 24, 2022

Biophysics from scratch in 500 pages

With his textbook, Prof. Helmut Schießel, Chair and Deputy Director at the Cluster of Excellence Physics of Life (PoL) at TU Dresden, lays the foundation for interdisciplinary teaching.

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© Catarina R. Oliveira

March 3, 2022

How Much to Regenerate?

The Yun Group Identifies a Protein Determining Positional Identity in Cells.

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© Hagen Gebauer/TUD

RA1RA4Schießel GroupCampàs Group

February 15, 2022

New leadership at the Cluster of Excellence Physics of Life (PoL) of TU Dresden

The Cluster of Excellence Physics of Life (PoL) at TU Dresden has appointed Prof. Otger Campàs as new managing director and Prof. Helmut Schießel as deputy director.

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© Mark Leaver, Jose A. Morin and Sina Wittmann, / MPI-CBG / Jose A. Morin et al. Nature Physics, 2022

February 3, 2022

Reading DNA is team work

Dresden researchers explain how liquid-like protein droplets collectively read DNA regions to switch on genes.

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