People @ BiAPoL

Robert Haase

Group leader

Research data management, GPU-accelerated image processing, open source, big data, big ideas

Portrait Marcelo

Marcelo Leomil Zoccoler


Image + Signal Processing, Fluorescence Lifetime-based Segmentation, Time-lapse Signal Classification, Machine Learning, Software and Plugin Development

Portrait Johannes

Johannes Müller


Segmentation, Deep learning, algorithms and teaching

Till Korten


Segmentation, classification, deep learning, high performance computing, workflow automation, Monte Carlo simulation, open source, training

Mara Lampert

Scientific assistant

Supervised machine learning, object classification, zebrafish, imaging

Maleeha Hassan

Master student

Quantitative surface analysis, feature extraction and unsupervised machine learning

Portrait Stefan

Stefan Hahmann


Research Software Engineering, Fiji Plugins, Feature Extraction, Deep Learning, Classification, Graphs, Open Source

Allyson Quinn Ryan


Spatial network analysis

Somashekhar Hanumant Kulkarni

Master student

Deep learning, High performance computing, Computer vision, Software development



Data science, optics, physics, microscopy, computer science


Ryan George Savill (afterwards: PhD student in Jesse Veenvliet Group, MPI-CBG, Dresden)

Laura Žigutytė (afterwards: PhD student in Jakob Niklas Kather Group, EKFZ for Digital Health, TU Dresden)

Dobaria, Nisarg Jagdishbhai (afterwards: Master student in Claudia Guenther Group, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, TU Dresden)