Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich Group

Mechanics of active biomaterials

Portrait Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich

Our Research Mission

Our group is mainly interested in the following questions

  • How does mechanical stress modify mechanical parameters of biological material, and how is this exploited for biological function?
  • How does mechanical stress impact on the growth of cells and tissues?

Current research foci in my lab are

  1. Measurement of the mechanical properties of the actin cell cortex of live cells
  2. The influence of cell mechanics on mitotic rounding and cell division in cancer cells
  3. The effect of mechanical tension on the binding dynamics of actin-associated proteins
  4. Study of mechanical stresses in tissue development

We combine experimental and theoretical work.

Group Members

Dr. Elke Ulbricht, Isabel Richter (associated), Yanin Guerra Santillan, Kamran Hosseini, Dr. Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich, Mirco Bonati (not in picture), Till Kirst (associated – not in picture)

Group Image