Research Avenue 6

Engineering Control

RA6 will develop complementary means to engineer and modulate living systems at the scales of molecules, cells and tissues, to exert exquisitely accurate and flexible control that will empower the investigation of biophysical mechanism. How can we remote-control force generation and self-organization? How can we develop systems where cytosolic phase transitions can be externally controlled? How can we design and control patterns of self-organization in cytoskeletal systems? How can we integrate our understanding of tissue-scale self-organization, and engineer morphogenesis? Research in RA6 will provide technical and conceptual advances for RA1-3 that enable accurate interrogation of the physical principles that underlie the dynamic spatiotemporal organization of living matter.

Research Avenue Leader

Research Avenue 6RA1RA3

Francis Stewart

TUD BIOTEC | Professor for Genomics

Epigenetic regulation and genomic engineering

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Core Groups

Research Avenue 3RA2RA4RA5RA6

Jan Brugués Group

Spatiotemporal Organization of Subcellular Structures

Chair of Spatiotemporal Organization of Subcellular Structures

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Research Avenue 1RA3RA4RA5RA6

Otger Campàs Group

Physics of Embryonic Self-Organization and Morphogenesis

Chair of Tissue Dynamics

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Research Avenue 1RA6

Adele Doyle Group

Mechanobiology of Stem Cells

Research Group Leader

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Research Avenue 6RA1

Miki Ebisuya Group

Cross-species Comparison and Manipulation of the Organoid Zoo

Humboldt Professor and Chair of Cell and Tissue Control

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Research Avenue 3RA1RA4RA6

Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich Group

Mechanics of active biomaterials

Heisenberg Professor for Mechanics of Active Biomaterials

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Research Avenue 5RA1RA3RA4RA6

Xingbo Yang Group

Bioenergetics of Self-Organization

Research Group Leader

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Associates and Affiliates

Research Avenue 2RA3RA6

Simon Alberti Group

TUD BIOTEC | Professor for Cellular Biochemistry

Organization of cytoplasm across space and time

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Research Avenue 1RA4RA5RA6

Michael Brand Group

TUD CRTD | Professor for Developmental Genetics

Development and Regeneration of the Vertebrate Brain

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Research Avenue 6

Frank Buchholz Group

UCC, TUD Medical Faculty | Professor for Medical Systems Biology

Functional genomics in mammalian cells: applications to cancer biology and stem cell biology

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Research Avenue 3RA6

Ünal Coskun Group

TUD PLID, TUD Medical Faculty, HMGU | Professor for Membrane Biochemistry and Lipid Research

Membrane Biochemistry of Cell Signaling

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Research Avenue 5RA1RA6

Jürgen Czarske Group

TUD | Professor for Measurement and Sensor Systems

Biomedical Computational Laser Systems (BIOLAS): Adaptive Smart Microscopy

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Research Avenue 5RA6

Raimund Dachselt Group

TUD | Professor for Multimedia Technology

Immersive Exploration of Multiscale Biological Data

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Research Avenue 1RA3RA6

Christian Dahmann Group

TUD | Professor for Systems Biology and Genetics

Signals and mechanics in epithelial morphogenesis

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Research Avenue 3RA2RA5RA6

Stefan Diez Group

TUD B CUBE | Professor for BioNano Tools

Molecular transport in cell biology and nanotechnology

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Research Avenue 5RA6

Stefan Gumhold Group

TUD | Professor for Computer Graphics and Visualization

Computer Graphics and Visualization

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Research Avenue 1RA2RA3RA6

Alf O. Honigmann Group

TUD BIOTEC | Professor for Biophysics

Membrane Organization of Cells and Tissues

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Research Avenue 4RA1RA5RA6

Carl Modes Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Network Complexity and Systems Biophysics

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Research Avenue 2RA4RA5RA6

Arash Nikoubashman Group

IPF, TUD Faculty of Physics | Heisenberg Professor for Theory of Biologically Inspired Polymers

Theory of Bio-inspired polymers

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Research Avenue 5RA1RA2RA6

Anna Poetsch Group

TUD BIOTEC, NCT, CSBD | Research Group Leader

Biomedical Genomics

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Research Avenue 1RA3RA4RA5RA6

Marko Popović Group

MPI-PKS, CSBD | Research Group Leader

Order and disorder in driven systems

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Research Avenue 5RA1RA4RA6

Ivo F. Sbalzarini Group

TUD, CSBD | Professor for Scientific Computing for Systems Biology

The MOSAIC Group: Scientific Computing for Image-based Systems Biology

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Research Avenue 3RA2RA5RA6

Michael Schlierf Group

TUD B CUBE | Professor for Molecular Biophysics

Conformational changes in biomolecules and enzymes

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Research Avenue 6RA1RA3

Francis Stewart Group

TUD BIOTEC | Professor for Genomics

Epigenetic regulation and genomic engineering

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Research Avenue 2RA3RA4RA6

Dora Tang Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Dynamic protocellular systems

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Research Avenue 6RA1RA4RA5

Jesse Veenvliet Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader


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Research Avenue 1RA6

Carsten Werner Group

IPF | Professor for Biofunctional Polymer Materials

Biofunctional polymer materials

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Research Avenue 2RA4RA5RA6

Christoph Zechner Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Adaptive Biosystems

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Research Avenue 6RA1RA3

Marino Zerial Group

MPI-CBG | Director of MPI-CBG, Professor for Cell Biology

Principles of cell and tissue organization: from endocytosis to a systems understanding of liver structure and function

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Research Avenue 2RA1RA3RA6

Yixin Zhang Group

TUD B CUBE | Professor for Biomolecular Interaction

Drug design and screening: from biochemical methods to 3D model system

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