Selected Publications

Hosseini K, Frenzel A, Fischer-Friedrich E
EMT changes actin cortex rheology in a cell-cycle dependent manner
Biophysical Journal 120, p. 3516-3526 (2021)

Hosseini K, Sbosny L, Poser I, Fischer-Friedrich E
Binding dynamics of α-actinin-4 in dependence of actin cortex tension
Biophysical Journal 119, p. 1091-1107 (2020)
Download the matlab image analysis script used in this publication (ZIP archive, 64 KB)

Hosseini K, Taubenberger A, Werner C, Fischer-Friedrich E
EMT-induced cell mechanical changes enhance mitotic rounding strength
Advanced Science 7, 2001276 (2020)

Mokbel M, Hosseini K, Aland S, Fischer-Friedrich E
The Poisson ratio of the cellular actin cortex is frequency-dependent
Biophysical Journal, 118, p. 1968–1976 (2020)

Jawerth L, Fischer-Friedrich E, Saha S, Wang J, Franzmann T, Zhang X, Sachweh J, Ruer M, Ijavi M, Saha S, Mahamid J, Hyman AA, Jülicher F
Protein condensates as aging Maxwell fluids
Science 370, p. 1317-1323 (2020)

Jawerth L, Ijavi M, Ruer M, Saha S, Hyman A, Jülicher F, Fischer-Friedrich E
Salt-dependent rheology and surface tension of protein condensates using optical tweezers
PRL 121: 258101 (2018)

Fischer-Friedrich E
Active prestress leads to an apparent stiffening of cells through geometrical effects
Biophys. J. 114, 419–424 (2018)