Visit the Interactive Physics of Life Exhibition!

The work of PoL scientists will be highlighted at the SHOWCASES OF RESEARCH exhibition at Technische Sammlungen Dresden until October 27th this year – don’t miss out!

A large crowd of people are visiting a museum exhibition - many people stand around one exhibit showing some text and illustrations of zebrafish.
Curious minds are very welcome to visit the PoL exhibition © PoL / Kaori Nakashima

In recent years, scientific research is gaining visibility and causing impact at a rate greater than ever before. As a result, many members of the public are curious to glimpse into the world of scientists and see the scientific process. One opportunity to share the work of researchers with a non-scientific audience is through exhibitions to inspire and foster curiosity in visitors. For this reason, the Cluster of Excellence Physics of Life (PoL) has unveiled an exciting hands-on self-titled exhibition delving into the fundamental questions of life. This exhibition, which is part of the SHOWCASES OF RESEARCH series, explores the intricacies of life's development, from the mysteries of a single egg cell to the remarkable regenerative abilities of salamanders.

Running until October 27th in the Technische Sammlungen Dresden, the exhibition offers a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with interactive experiments such as magnetic fluids, phase separation, and molecule construction. Visitors will also learn how experts from biology, physics, and computer science are working together to answer complex questions in biophysics. Large scale illustrations developed by our science artist depict the interplay of molecules, cells, and tissues, how genetic information plays a role in this process, and how physical forces give shape to an embryo. Finally, microscopy films show life at the smallest scale, including how cell division takes place, or even how a fish embryo forms. This hands-on exhibition was kicked off last year in May, and driven by PoL core group leaders Marcus Jahnel and Benjamin Friedrich. Since then, numerous visitors have had the opportunity to immerse themselves, and see the complex physical processes that govern life.

For those curious about the wonders of biophysics, and the scientific process that explores it, the “Physics of Life” exhibition is not to be missed. We look forward to seeing you there!

To learn more, check out the official event page