At work with our Humboldt Professor Miki Ebisuya

Humboldt Professor and Chair of Cell and Tissue Control Miki Ebisuya was interviewed by TU Dresden as part of their “At work with …” series.

An image of a professor standing in the centre of a photograph. She is leaning against a railing overlooking a courtyard.
Professor Miki Ebisuya © Humboldt-Stiftung

What is your job at TU Dresden?

I started at TUD in April 2023, and in less than a year, I can already say I feel at home here. A big part of this feeling is due to my work at TUD, where I spend most of my time and find fulfillment. I am a Humboldt Professor at the Cluster of Excellence Physics of Life (PoL) at TUD, and in this role, I am able to use biophysics to explore fundamental questions of life, such as the physical laws that make the embryos of humans, mice, and rhinos different. Additionally, as the co-chair of PoL, I am also responsible for shaping the institute, with decisions that contribute to the landscape of TUD, Dresden, and the international science community.

What has been your biggest professional challenge at TU Dresden so far and how did you overcome it?

As a foreigner, I was surprised by the amount of paperwork, which of course scales with the responsibilities. Each country has its own system, and upTUDate, I haven't mastered it yet. However, part of PoL’s culture includes full support for scientists to make life as smooth as possible so we can focus on science. Thus, thanks to the talented people from the admin, I can survive!

Please complete the sentence: My favorite place at TUD is...

My favorite place at TUD is not specifically one physical location but a moment, the quiet moment of admiring a snow day, and then the whole TUD campus easily becomes my favorite place. Since I grew up in a relatively warm region in Japan, the combination of historical buildings and snow looks simply magical, with a feeling of mystery and stunning beauty!