The Saxony Minister of Science Visits PoL

Sebastian Gemkow is introduced to the world of PoL research.

People standing in the laboratory wearing white labcoats. A man is in the front explaning to the rest of people.
The Saxony Minister of Science in PoL. © PoL / Hagen Gebauer

On Friday, the 19th of January, Sebastian Gemkow, the Saxony Minister of Science visited the PoL headquarters. Not only was this visit symbolic for the minister, but also an important recognition of our influence on the research landscape in Dresden and beyond. The minister was greeted by our director Otger Campàs, and received an introduction to the vision and diverse research portfolio being undertaken at PoL. Together, they were able to discuss the economic and societal transformations brought about by scientific discoveries, and the need for continued collaboration.


Receiving a tour of the facilities, the minister was able to gain a glimpse into the daily research endeavors performed by our scientists. Experiencing first-hand the science we do at PoL, the uniquely collaborative approaches, and the expansion beyond the traditional boundaries of scientific disciplines were particularly highlighted. In addition, the minister could hear directly from some of the most celebrated professors in the field. For example, Miki Ebisuya, who was recently awarded a Humboldt Professorship, was able to share her expertise on cross-species comparison of morphogenesis during development, and the questions we continuously strive to answer.


Undoubtedly, this visit was an important gesture, in maintaining the dialogue between politicians and scientists about the contributions of science to society. Renewed recognition between the two is an essential step in bridging scientific output, popular culture, and the economy. Now more than ever, trust and continued support are crucial to allow research, its applications, and scientists to flourish. The state visit strengthens the reputation of PoL as a leading research institute, and we certainly look forward to further meetings and fruitful discussions in the future!