The PoL Day 2023

A day to bring and celebrate the PoL community!

On November 24th, 2023, the Physics of Life (PoL) community convened in a grand celebration of science. The day was dedicated entirely to the exploration of the Physics of Life.

The event featured a series of enlightening scientific talks delivered by members spanning various levels, from Ph.D. students to Principal Investigators (PIs). Elias Barriga, the most recent addition to the core of PoL as a Principal Investigator, took center stage to present his research and introduce himself to the PoL community.

The agenda also encompassed a comprehensive general assembly, conducted by our Managing Director and speaker, Otger Campàs. This session provided an overview of the current cluster statuses, emphasizing not only their exponential growth but also our commitment to high-quality expansion. Notably, the community consciously embraced diversity, reaching currently 40% representation from women.

The day's activities included diverse exchange formats, such as speed dating—an orchestrated and brief exchange of ideas among peers—and flash talks, allowing individuals to spotlight the main objectives of their research. Additionally, mentoring sessions were organized for early career scientists.

The event featured esteemed invited speakers, with Frank H. P. Fitzek, the speaker from Cluster of Excellence Centre for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop (CeTi), delivering insights and ideas that expanded our horizons in the fields of software and robotics. This not only enriched the network but also fostered collaborations among the various clusters of excellence within the Technical University of Dresden (TUD).

As the day unfolded, a celebratory evening ensued, welcoming the entire PoL community and their families. The inclusivity extended to supporting a family-work balance, reflecting PoL's commitment to its members.

In retrospect, it was a memorable day—one to acknowledge our progress and set our sights on building plans for the future.