Dr. Ellen Adams as Mentor for Young Female Students

4 women sitting around a white table, the two people on the right are students.
First meeting of the Mentoring Program. ©TUD/Franziska Kestel.

Aiming to promote equal opportunity, TUD is committed to increasing diversity, and one of its strategies is the offering of a mentoring program for female students who have already reached their third semester in a STEM degree program and who are interested in actively shaping their professional future in science and research.

The program commenced with a round of talks and exchanges between the mentors, female junior researchers from the DFG-coordinated programs, and students from the mentoring program. This introductory event took place on September 20th at the Fritz Foerster Building (TUD). Among the mentors was the research group leader, Dr. Ellen Adams from PoL.

During this event, students had the opportunity to engage in lively exchanges and informative discussions about doctoral studies, scientific work, gender equality in science, and career requirements. It was a day rich in exchanging views on questions of scientific career planning. The event was attended by 16 female students and 8 junior scientists.

Following the event, participating students in the program selected a junior scientist as their mentor. Two students were inspired by Dr. Ellen Adams and chose her as their mentor.

The ongoing mentoring includes activities such as workplace tours, discussions on daily life in science, insights into research, and an exchange of necessary skills in science, specifically tailored for women.

The aim is to provide participants with the best possible insight into a future career in science.