Physics of Life Captivates Visitors at Long Night of Science Dresden 2023

On June 30th, 2023, the highly anticipated 20th-anniversary edition of the Long Night of Science unfolded from 17:00 to midnight, captivating an unprecedented number of visitors. This extraordinary event brought together science enthusiasts of all ages, with Physics of Life (PoL) being presented in three different locations: the main campus, the Technische Sammlungen Museum Dresden (TSD), and the Center of Regenerative Therapies (CRTD).

Crowd in the corridor of a lecture hall centre with information stands, photographed from one floor above.

The entire PoL institute mobilized its efforts to bring science closer to society, with volunteers dedicating their time and expertise to create interactive activities that sparked curiosity in the minds of attendees of all ages. The Long Night of Science provided a unique opportunity for PoL to showcase its cutting-edge research and engage with the community.

The jubilant atmosphere was palpable throughout the event, as visitors flocked to experience the captivating world of science presented by PoL. The 20th anniversary edition proved to be particularly special, with a record-breaking number of attendees in whole Germany, 48.000, highlighting the enduring appeal and success of the Long Night of Science.

At each location, PoL presented a wide array of interactive exhibits and demonstrations, providing visitors with hands-on experiences that ignited their curiosity.

The main campus served as a hub of scientific exploration, offering a multitude of engaging activities, captivating presentations, and engaging discussions. Visitors had the opportunity to interact directly with researchers, delving into the fascinating world of Physics of Life and gaining valuable insights into groundbreaking scientific discoveries. The Technische Sammlungen Museum Dresden transformed into a captivating arena of scientific wonders, with PoL’s exhibition in the section of Research Showcase, drawing crowds throughout the night. Meanwhile, at the CRTD, attendees discovered the pioneering work being done by the Campàs and Fischer-Friedrich Labs, in which both also provided interactive activities for kids.

The Long Night of Science served as a powerful reminder of the importance of bridging the gap between science and society. By engaging with the community and showcasing their research, PoL inspired curiosity, fostered scientific literacy, and highlighted the significant contributions made by scientists in various fields.

As the jubilium edition of the event with the highest number of visitors to date, the Long Night of Science 2023 proved to be an overwhelming success for Physics of Life and the entire scientific community. By sharing their passion for science and inviting the public to join them in their journey of discovery, PoL and its dedicated volunteers made a lasting impact, bringing science closer to society and leaving attendees eager for more scientific adventures in the future.