Life Science Campus Summer Conference 2023 Sparks Scientific Exchange and Celebration


The Life Science Campus Summer Conference 2023 successfully took place on the 9th of June, bringing together scientists, researchers, and staff from various institutes in Dresden, including Physics of Life. The event aimed to foster scientific exchange, collaboration, and celebration within the vibrant Life Sciences community.

Under the theme "Bringing Science back to Life," the conference featured a diverse program, including a panel discussion on the future of the bio-industry. Attendees had the opportunity to present their research through poster presentations, with prizes awarded for the best posters.

Among the esteemed speakers were Dr. Xingbo Yang and Ellen Adams, both group leaders from the Cluster of Excellence Physics of Life (PoL), who shared their groundbreaking research on topics such as "Biophysics of energy metabolism in vivo" and "Solvation Properties in Biomolecular Condensates."

The conference provided a platform for scientists, administrators, and technicians to engage in lively discussions and establish connections. Dr. Adele Doyle, a research group leader from PoL, was among the organizers, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all participants. The event concluded with a summer party, offering attendees a chance to unwind and celebrate with music, food, and activities for families and friends.

The Life Science Campus Summer Conference 2023 successfully fulfilled its goal of promoting scientific exchange and collaboration within the Dresden Life Sciences community. This event showcased the enthusiasm and dedication of the participants in advancing scientific knowledge and fostering a vibrant research environment.