Amazed children’s eyes, many questions and aha moments

PoL Group Leader Marcus Jahnel answered curious children’s questions

Two men standing next to each other, looking cheerily into the camera

It’s the time of year when children in this part of the world are already beaming with excitement and curiosity. Now some of them had the chance to ask scientists of the TU Dresden their most burning questions about nature and our world – or what had just popped up in their curious minds.

The beautiful, snow-covered Station for Technology, Natural Science, Art in Weißwasser served as location for an edition of a Checker Question Show. The Station is very committed to imparting knowledge to the children of Saxony’s eastern region Upper Lusatia.

The scientists present this time were:

The event was presented by Julian Janssen, known from Checker Welt on KiKa, the German public TV station for children. Obviously he was the biggest star for the kids and signed autographs diligently after the event.

Some of the wonderful questions the children asked:

  • “Why is snow cold?”
  • “Why do stinging nettles hurt?”
  • “If there are self-driving cars soon, will we kids be allowed to drive by ourselves?”
  • “What is the most important cell?”
  • “Will there soon be gloves to control robots?”
  • “How do you know when dinosaurs became extinct?”
  • “How long has science been around?”

Our experts had a lot to ponder and explain. It was an exciting experience for young and old alike, and one we’re sure everyone will be happy to repeat.