Excellently explained – cutting-edge research for everyone

57 Clusters of Excellence launch joint podcast series on cutting-edge research in Germany

Web banner for the German science podcast "Exzellent erklärt - Spitzenforschung für alle"
Podcast "Exzellent erklärt - Spitzenforschung für alle"

On September 1, 2021, the first episode of the monthly podcast of the 57 Clusters of Excellence in Germany “Exzellent erklärt – Spitzenforschung für alle / Excellently explained – cutting-edge research for everyone” (also available on Spotify and Apple) will be released, and our fellow TU Dresden Cluster of Excellence CeTI (Centre for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop) will kick it off. The first episode is all about the tactile internet and how humans and machines work together - for example, how pants can help us stand up at old age.

The concept for the new podcast series was developed in a team effort between ten science communicators from various clusters of excellence to make cutting-edge research visible and tangible for the German public. Each month, the audience can expect insights into the interdisciplinary work of a research network. The scientists of the clusters of excellence talk with podcaster Larissa Vassilian about how cutting-edge research aims to find scientifically sound answers to relevant issues of our time.

You can also look forward to further episodes in which the Clusters of Excellence Physics of Life (PoL) and ct.qmat – Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter will present their research.

For more information, visit www.exzellent-erklaert.de.

See press release on TU Dresden website / September 01, 2021 (German only)