PoL PhD and Postdoc Seminar

Today’s speakers: Marcus Michel and Antoine Vian

People in an auditorium, listening to a scientific talk

Please note: today’s seminar will exceptionally take place at the CRTD instead of the MPI-CBG!

The PoL PhD and Postdoc seminar is a meeting where PoL early career scientists present their research to their peers.

The seminar consists of two short talks by PhD students or Postdocs, followed by a social hour where the speaker and attendants can exchange ideas, engage in scientific discussions and network with their fellow young scientists.

Occasionally, one of the research talks is replaced by a talk dedicated to career development. Topics for 2023 cover alternative career paths and equal opportunity awareness.

The seminar is opened to the community and everybody interested is welcomed to join – no registration is required! The PoL PhD and Postdoc seminar is currently organized by Gina Dimari (predoc, Fischer-Friedrich lab), Valentin Ruffine (predoc, Fischer-Friedrich lab), Marc Trani-Bustos (predoc, Campas lab) and Manon Valet (postdoc, Campas lab). They can be contacted for any question regarding the seminar, including applications for talks.

Today’s talks:

  • Marcus Michel (Dahmann Lab, TUD Biology): Molecular forces driving epithelial folding
  • Antoine Vian (Campàs Lab, TUD PoL): Double Emulsion Droplets as Osmotic Pressure Sensors in Biological Systems

This event is sponsored by Bruker.