Max Bergmann Symposium 2022: Assembling matter at all scales from simple molecules to mighty materials

Photo © Tuur Tisseghem, Pexels

The meeting will include talks by leading scientists from around the world.
The event aims to offer a cross-disciplinary perspective on molecular self-assembly and self-organization. The central topics are:​

1. Artificial systems: assembling synthetic molecules into well-defined nanostructures and supramolecular polymer materials.
2. Biological systems: self-organization in model organisms from all trees of life.
3. Inspiration from nature: applying lessons from biological self-assembly and self-organization to create biomimetic systems.
4. Technological applications: translation toward smart nanomaterials and molecular machines with programmable functions. 

Abstracts & Registration
Registration opening: January 10, 2022
Abstract submission deadline: February 27, 2022.
Early bird registration deadline: March 6, 2022.​

Student: 200 € (early bird), 250 € (late)
Academic: 250 € (early bird), 300 € (late)
Industry: 400 €​

Fees include all sessions, coffee/lunch breaks, and one dinner.​

Important note: Participants who had previously registered for MBS2020/1 will need to register again for MBS2022 and submit a new abstract.

Please find further info on the webiste of the Max Bergmann Symposium 2022.