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Where Physics and Biology meet to make life!

Four young people, passing as female, discovering a large robot
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Everything in the world can be explained by physical laws, but what about life? Can we explain life with physics? In our 3-hour program, you will experience how we study the beginning of life using physics! 

In the first part, we will understand how to use Drosophila flies (yes, the little fruit fly) and their mutations to understand the theoretical laws of crossing species. You will have the chance to play with the flies, identify the males and females, and put together mimicking the crossing. Spoiler alert: there is also a fluorescent fly! By the end of the first part, the result of the crossing awaits you, the egg chamber, and how they can be used for research.

In the second part, we will dive into one of the biggest discoveries of the last 10 years in the field of biophysics, molecular condensates. These are special environments within our cells that allow important processes, for instance, DNA repair. How can DNA repair and physics be combined? How can it even be part of physics? I need to tell you, that molecular condensates are pure physics, but you will only figure it out when you come to our institute.

We are happy to welcome you and bring you to the world where physics and biology become one! Science is very international and our institute is as well. Then, we offer the course in English, and this way you can also have the full experience of how it is an international research institute :)

The offer has limited spots. Please register on the Girls’ Day website.

More details coming soon!