Marcus Jahnel: May the Forces be With You – From Biophysics to Particle Physics

This talk is part of a series of the Beerology talk series.

Step into the realm of physics with Marcus Jahnel from the Dresden University of Technology and the Excellence Cluster “Physics of Life”, alongside Michael Kobel from the Technical University of Dresden. Together, they invite you on a captivating voyage, bridging the gap between Biophysics and Particle Physics.

Tonight, it’s all about forces – the ones you need to open a door or throw a ball. Let’s discover how forces and interactions drive live at the minuscule molecular level. Marcus will show you how light can push and pull things – he can even stretch proteins!

From there, we move onto even more minuscule particles that make up atoms – to the domain of Particle Physics. Here, Michael takes the stage and guides you to the smallest building blocks of matter, whose interactions tell us something about the origin of the universe. Experience how a “Sound of the Universe” has been immortalized in the cosmic background radiation, providing us with clues about the enigmatic “Dark Matter”. Be a part of it as we together unveil the secrets of nature.

The event will be held in German. Admission is free.

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On October 18th, the Research Group Leader from PoL, Dr. Marcus Jahnel will be conducting the discussion with the topic ”May the Forces be with you”.

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