PoL BioImage Analysis Symposium 2023

The PoL BioImage Analysis Symposium 2023 in Dresden brings together communities of bio-image analysts, microscopists, biologists, biophysicists and scientists who want to further quantitative methods for studying biological systems using microscopes and computational analytical methods. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Dresden!

The symposium is divided into two main segments, providing attendees with a comprehensive learning experience:

1. Training Schools (August 28th – August 30th):
Prior to the main symposium, selected attendees will have the unique opportunity to participate in specialized training schools. These sessions will delve into various topics related to bio-image analysis, offering hands-on training, workshops, and in-depth discussions led by prominent experts in the field. The training schools aim to enhance the skills and expertise of the participants, enabling them to further contribute to the advancements in this crucial domain.

2. Symposium (August 30th – September 1st):
The core event commences on August 30th and extends until September 1st. This part of the symposium is open to all registered attendees and will feature an array of captivating talks, stimulating poster presentations, and engaging discussions. Leading researchers and visionaries will present their latest findings and breakthroughs, shedding light on the current trends and challenges in bio-image analysis.

Key Dates:

  • July 14th: Registration opens, providing attendees ample time to secure their spot at the event.
  • July 21st: Abstract deadline for individuals interested in contributing to the Training School, giving them the opportunity to showcase their expertise.
  • July 28th: Notification about acceptance to the Training School will be sent out, offering selected participants the chance to attend the specialized training sessions.
  • July 28th: Notification about poster/talk acceptance will also be communicated on this day, letting contributors know if their presentations will be featured during the main symposium.
  • July 28th: Registration for the symposium closes, ensuring all attendees are registered in a timely manner.
  • July 31st: Payment period commences, allowing attendees to finalize their payments for participation.
  • August 11th: Payment Deadline – the last day to complete payment for attending the event.

In conclusion, the PoL BioImage Analysis Symposium 2023 is set to be an extraordinary event, uniting experts and enthusiasts from various disciplines under one roof. Participants can look forward to gaining invaluable insights, forming meaningful connections, and contributing to the advancement of quantitative methods in studying biological systems. If you’re passionate about bio-image analysis and wish to be part of this transformative experience, mark your calendars for August 28th to September 1st, 2023, and join us in Dresden!

For further information, visit the symposium website.