Seven people on a staircase, looking at the camera, photographed from below
Portrait Natalie Dye

Natalie Dye

Group Leader

Portrait Jana

Jana Fuhrmann


Cellular contributions to 3D shape change in epithelial morphogenesis

Portrait Sanika

Sanika Jahagirdar


Biophysical analysis of heterogeneity in gastric cancer patient derived organoids

Portrait Abhijeet

Abhijeet Krishna


Shape quantification and mechanical models of epithelial morphogenesis

Portrait Ioannis

Ioannis Nellas


The effect of morphogen signaling pathways on energy metabolism during development

Portrait Romina

Romina Piscitello-Gómez


Interplay between cell polarity and tissue mechanics during wing morphogenesis

Portrait Elissavet

Elissavet Sandaltzopoulou

Master’s Student

Quantitative analysis of gastric cancer organoids

Portrait of Diana Stöhr, reflected in the window pane of a scientific institute

Diana Stöhr

Administrative Assistant

Administrative support, group assistance
+49 351 463-41249

Physics of Life at A18 | Room 2.04

Portrait May-Linn

May-Linn Thepkaysone


Technical research assistant, lab organization