PoL – Physics of Life | Associates/Affiliates

Associates and Affiliates

In addition to our core groups, Dresden PIs from various partner institutes are affiliated to or associated with the PoL.

Research Avenue 2RA3RA6

Simon Alberti Group

TUD BIOTEC | Professor for Cellular Biochemistry

Organization of cytoplasm across space and time

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Research Avenue 1RA4RA5RA6

Michael Brand Group

TUD CRTD | Professor for Developmental Genetics

Development and Regeneration of the Vertebrate Brain

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Research Avenue 2RA1RA3RA6

Jan Brugués Group

MPI-PKS, MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Self-organization of biological structures

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Research Avenue 6

Frank Buchholz Group

UCC, TUD Medical Faculty | Professor for Medical Systems Biology

Functional genomics in mammalian cells: applications to cancer biology and stem cell biology

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Research Avenue 3RA6

Ünal Coskun Group

TUD PLID, TUD Medical Faculty, HMGU | Professor for Membrane Biochemistry and Lipid Research

Membrane Biochemistry of Cell Signaling

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Research Avenue 5RA1RA6

Jürgen Czarske Group

TUD | Professor for Measurement and Sensor Systems

Biomedical Computational Laser Systems (BIOLAS): Adaptive Smart Microscopy

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© Center BIOLAS, TUD

Research Avenue 5RA6

Raimund Dachselt Group

TUD | Professor for Multimedia Technology

Immersive Exploration of Multiscale Biological Data

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Research Avenue 1RA3RA6

Christian Dahmann Group

TUD | Professor for Systems Biology and Genetics

Signals and mechanics in epithelial morphogenesis

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Research Avenue 3RA2RA5RA6

Stefan Diez Group

TUD B CUBE | Professor for BioNano Tools

Molecular transport in cell biology and nanotechnology

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© TUD CMCB, Magdalena Gonciarz

Research Avenue 2RA3

Karim Fahmy Group

HZDR | Head of the Biophysics Division

Structural basis of biological switches and biomolecular recognition

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Research Avenue 1

Anne Grapin-Botton Group

MPI-CBG | Director of MPI-CBG

Self-organization of cells into organ communities

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Research Avenue 3RA1RA2RA4

Stephan W. Grill Group

MPI-CBG | Director of MPI-CBG, Professor for Physics of Life

Physics of Life

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Research Avenue 5RA6

Stefan Gumhold Group

TUD | Professor for Computer Graphics and Visualization

Computer Graphics and Visualization

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Research Avenue 1RA2RA3RA6

Alf O. Honigmann Group

TUD BIOTEC | Professor for Biophysics

Membrane Organization of Cells and Tissues

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Research Avenue 1RA4

Meritxell Huch Group

MPI-CBG | Lise Meitner Max Planck Research Group Leader

Organoids, tissue regeneration and its deregulation in disease

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Research Avenue 2

Anthony A. Hyman Group

MPI-CBG | Director of MPI-CBG, Professor for Molecular Cell Biology

Organization of Cytoplasm

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© Sven Döring

Research Avenue 4

Frank Jülicher Group

MPI-PKS | Director of MPI-PKS, Professor for Biophysics

Dynamic processes in cells and tissues

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Research Avenue 5RA1RA4

Moritz Kreysing Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Biophotonics and self-organization

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Research Avenue 4RA2RA3

Nils Kröger Group

TUD B CUBE | Professor for Biomimetic Materials

From Molecular Mechanisms of Biomineralization and Bioadhesion to Applications in Nanobiotechnology

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Research Avenue 5

Wolfgang Lehner Group

TUD | Professor for Database Systems

Dresden Database Systems Group

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© TUD, Michael Kretzschmar

Research Avenue 4RA1RA5RA6

Carl Modes Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Network Complexity and Systems Biophysics

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Research Avenue 5RA4

Eugene W. Myers Group

CSBD | Director of MPI-CBG, Professor for Computational Molecular Biology

Exploring Cells & Systems via Image Analysis and Customized Microscopy

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Research Avenue 4RA1

Jonathan Rodenfels Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Energetics of Biological Systems

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Research Avenue 5RA1RA4RA6

Ivo F. Sbalzarini Group

TUD, CSBD | Professor for Scientific Computing for Systems Biology

The MOSAIC Group: Scientific Computing for Image-based Systems Biology

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Research Avenue 3RA2RA5RA6

Michael Schlierf Group

TUD B CUBE | Professor for Molecular Biophysics

Conformational changes in biomolecules and enzymes

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© TUD CMCB, Magdalena Gonciarz

Research Avenue 2RA3

Michele Solimena Group

TUD PLID, HMGU | Professor for Molecular Diabetology

Cell Biology of Pancreatic Beta Cells

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Research Avenue 3RA2

Jens-Uwe Sommer Group

IPF | Professor for Theory of Polymers at Interfaces

Theoretical Polymer Physics

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© IPF, Jürgen Lösel

Research Avenue 6RA1RA3

Francis Stewart Group

TUD BIOTEC | Professor for Genomics

Epigenetic regulation and genomic engineering

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Research Avenue 2RA3RA4RA6

Dora Tang Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Dynamic protocellular systems

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Research Avenue 4RA2RA5

Marc Timme Group

TUD | Professor for Network Dynamics

Network Dynamics

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Research Avenue 1RA5

Pavel Tomancak Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Patterns of gene expression in animal development

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Research Avenue 2RA3

Ágnes Tóth-Petróczy Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Protein plasticity and evolution

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Research Avenue 6RA1RA4RA5

Jesse Veenvliet Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader


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Research Avenue 5RA1RA2RA3RA4

Axel Voigt Group

TUD | Professor for Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics

Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Cells and Systems

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Research Avenue 1RA6

Carsten Werner Group

IPF | Professor for Biofunctional Polymer Materials

Biofunctional polymer materials

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Research Avenue 1

Maximina Yun Group

TUD CRTD, MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Regeneration of Complex Structures

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Research Avenue 2RA4RA5RA6

Christoph Zechner Group

MPI-CBG | Research Group Leader

Adaptive Biosystems

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Research Avenue 6RA1RA3

Marino Zerial Group

MPI-CBG | Director of MPI-CBG, Professor for Cell Biology

Principles of cell and tissue organization: from endocytosis to a systems understanding of liver structure and function

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Research Avenue 2RA1RA3RA6

Yixin Zhang Group

TUD B CUBE | Professor for Biomolecular Interaction

Drug design and screening: from biochemical methods to 3D model system

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