PoL – Physics of Life | Governance


The Cluster of Excellence Physics of Life is a Central Academic Unit of TU Dresden.

Executive Board


Stephan W. Grill

MPI-CBG | Director of MPI-CBG

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Interim Co-Speaker

Frank Jülicher

MPI-PKS | Director of MPI-PKS

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Interim Co-Speaker

Stefan Diez

B CUBE | Professor for BioNano Tools

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Portrait Maria Begasse

Maria Begasse

PoL | Chief Operating Officer

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Steering Committee

All six Research Avenues are represented in the PoL Steering Committee by their RA Leader. The Steering Committee advises the Executive Board, especially in regards to strategic decisions.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board continuously evaluates the development of PoL and gives recommendations and advice.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board