DFG funded Cluster of Excellence 2068

Our Team

Multidisciplinary Collaborative Environment

We are dedicated to creating a multidisciplinary environment where scientists from physics, biology and computer science work successfully together and share ideas and approaches. Our research is carried by 25 PIs from TU Dresden and DRESDEN-concept institutions, 24 PoL Dresden Affiliates and 15 PoL International Associates.

The Physics of Life PIs
The Physics of Life PIs © Katrin Boes


Portrait Stephan W. Grill


Stephan W. Grill

MPI-CBG, BIOTEC | Professor for Biophysics

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Portrait Suzanne Eaton


Suzanne Eaton

BIOTEC, MPI-CBG | Professor for Developmental Cell Biology of Invertebrates

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Principal and Affiliated Investigators

TU Dresden successfully defended its title as one of eleven German Universities of Excellence

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