Cluster of Excellence


The Dynamic Organization of Living Matter

Our purpose“Discover new paradigms for understanding life and deepen our knowledge of living biological matter”

We aim to elucidate the “laws of physics” that underlie the dynamic spatiotemporal organization of life into molecules, cells and tissues. Our unique focus is to bring fundamental physics to biology for the purpose of understanding and solving biological questions. Using this holistic approach PoL is dedicated to identify physical principles that govern the dynamic organization of active living matter across multiple scales utilizing innovative experimental approaches, theoretical predictions and computer simulation.

We want to investigate:

  1. What determines tissue shape and size?
  2. How do cells compartmentalize their biochemistry?
  3. What makes active molecular systems?
  4. How are energy and matter fluxes patterned in space and time?
  5. How do we predict certain emergent properties on larger scales?
  6. How can we remote-control biological processes?

Our people“Multidisciplinary collaborative environment”

The Physics of Life PIs
The Physics of Life PIs © Katrin Boes

We are dedicated to creating a multidisciplinary environment where scientists from physics, biology and computer science work successfully together and share ideas and approaches. Our research is carried by 25 PIs from TU Dresden and DRESDEN-concept institutions, 24 PoL Dresden Affiliates and 15 PoL International Associates.