Cluster of Excellence


The Dynamic Organization of Living Matter

Our purpose

Discover new paradigms for understanding life and deepen our knowledge of living biological matter

We aim to elucidate the “laws of physics” that underlie the dynamic spatiotemporal organization of life into molecules, cells and tissues. Our unique focus is to bring fundamental physics to biology for the purpose of understanding and solving biological questions. Using this holistic approach PoL is dedicated to identify physical principles that govern the dynamic organization of active living matter across multiple scales utilizing innovative experimental approaches, theoretical predictions and computer simulation.

EMBO Workshop
“Physics of living systems: From molecules to tissues”

postponed to 7–11 June 2021 | Dresden

Due to the current Corona Virus induced shutdown we had to postpone the EMBO workshop to Summer 2021.

Portrait of Suzanne Eaton

Suzanne Eaton

We are heartbroken by the tragic demise of our friend and colleague Suzanne Eaton, senior Research Group Leader at MPI-CBG Dresden, Professor at the Biotechnology Center of TU Dresden, and Co-Speaker of the Cluster of Excellence Physics of Life.

We have lost a dear friend, a wonderful colleague and a truly outstanding scientist who will forever be an inspiration to us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Suzanne.

Tributes from family, friends and colleagues can be found on the MPI-CBG website.

An obituary from TU Dresden honors Suzanne’s life and her accomplishments.

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